Immeasurable love and appreciation to all of our families and friends.

Each one of you has given your patience, support and encouragement to help make a dream come to fruition.


Without the generosity of the following people this project would have never gotten off of the ground. We are incredibly grateful to all of you who helped to fund this album in its earliest stages. Thank you for your support and THANK YOU for believing.

Lots & Lots of Love.

Diane Dustin Barrett

Michael & Dena Harrison

Chey & Chase Dustin

Laura McManis

Demelza de Burca

Ali Kirby

Sally Dunne

Darlene Raven

Gary McClure

Ger & Sandra Farrell

Patrick Barrett (Dublin)

Gaines Bishop

Sorcha Cahillane

Mark Connolly

Gary Donald

Angela Dorgan

JP Favarel

Cathal Murphy

Nell Galles

Alessandra Greco

Jenni Henke

Patrick Keane

Julianne Kennelley

Trudy Ahern

Andrea Laurent

John McCallion

Elton Mullally

Chris Putnick

Darragh Nolan

Aoife O’Leary

Graham Smyth

Richie Smyth

Kevin Tierney

Dylan Tighe

Veronica Wilde

Amber Wilson

Margot Horgan

Amy Vandenbroek

Sonja Byrne

Dana Hart

Stephen Roberts

Becky Roberts

Gerry Owens

Tom Frazier

Andy Doyle

Paddy & Mim Moran

Jimmy Coleman

John Walshe

Steve Wall

Tizian Covisieri

Fifi Le Bon